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 If you own a business and spend the whole day running it, it’s probably hard to find enough time to market it!

“The Offline Neo team was truly helpful building my new website. They paid close attention to all the specifics of my violin teaching business. Alexandra was always prompt getting back to me when I had questions or ideas about the custom design of my website. Offline Neo gave valuable insights and education on strategically building online presence for long term marketing success, which was truly helpful to me as a person very new to marketing and very focused on my own specialty. I strongly recommend Offline Neo’s consulting and marketing services.”  Petia Radneva-Manolova, Musician   


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Welcome to our website! We specialize in efficient online marketing at very affordable prices. As our name reveals, we work with local offline businesses all over the United States to promote them online. It is a privilege for us to be part of your business team! We do marketing for local business by providing the following services:

  • Reputation Management — We will show you how to get more reviews for your great services and we will make sure they get seen by potential clients, patients or customers!  We will also help you minimize the effects of negative reviews.
  • Social Media Updates – Getting more people to know about you and your business today than they did two days ago is absolutely vital to the growth of your business!
  • Social Media Marketing – Attract your audience to your business social media platforms by offering them valuable, engaging, yet light education!
  • Website Building – No web presence yet? Your business needs an online property to be found quickly by your potential clients! Without a website for people to see, your competitors will get all the online traffic that would have been yours otherwise! We create sites in a wide price range to accommodate many types of budgets.
  • Mobile Websites – Yes, our websites are mobile responsive, helping you enhance your clients’ experience and prevent them from jumping to the site of your competitor as they get frustrated by not being able to view your site on their smartphone!
  • Search Engine Optimization – Ranking your website on page 1 of Google is crucial when it comes to people finding you before they find your competitor! We will perform an SEO analysis of your website prior to starting the optimization process.
  • Website Hosting –Don’t want to deal with updating and fixing your website? Not a problem! We will build a site for your business that will get all the upgrading it need to stay competitive and attractive to your visitors!
  • Lead Generation (Exclusive Leads) – If you’d like to get more phone calls from potential clients, there are several strategies we can implement to make it happen! This service comes with analytic tracking setup. We will train your staff to ensure that your leads get closed and don’t go to waste!
  • Video Marketing—our YouTube experts will make sure your videos are seen by every potential client in your target market! YouTube advertising is steadily on the rise.
  • Consulting Services–First 45-minute consultation is free! You can choose to discuss any of the above marketing strategies and how they’ll help your business

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Local Business Marketing Local Business MarketingIf you provide services and want your business to grow, and have already figured that you need someone with the time and knowledge to handle the advertising aspect, we will solve this challenge for you! Let us do the marketing piece for your local business and promote your excellent service by leveraging and implementing well tested marketing techniques and strategies that work! That way, you’ll be able to prioritize on taking care of your clients, patients, or customers, focusing your attention solely on what you love doing: your business!

Staying Engaged with Your Clients 

Social media use has increased so dramatically in the last 3 years  both for personal and business purposes that, according to several surveys, more and more people tend to make purchasing choices based on whether a business has a social profile or not. Today, people rely on reviews on social media as much as they rely on personal recommendations. Knowing what type of content to research for and post on a business-related social platform is often challenging and always time consuming to the small local business owner. Use our expertise to gain the social media benefit package on the side of your business!

Establishing Your Online Business Presence   

Online Business Marketing Local Business MarketingHave you wanted to build a website for years but have not had the time and/or skill to do it? Let us create a website for your business in a matter of 10-15 business days! Our building process includes website hosting, web design, website optimization, also known as search engine optimization or SEO; and a whole bunch of other super-attractive features and benefits that we will taylor to perfectly fit your business goals!

By Alexandra Dotcheva

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