10 Great Reasons to Subscribe for Offline Neo’s Monthly Online Marketing Services

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You Will Get:

1. Professional Social Media Management

2-3 posts per day of fresh, relevant, professionally written  content on your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn business accounts, 7 days a week. We save you the time to research for content that s relevant to your business niche, and we save you the time for scheduling and posting all this content on a consistent basis.

2. Establish Trust & Long Term Relationships With Your Clients, Patients or Customers!

Your social visibility will increase tremendously and people will know that your business takes long term engagement with clients seriously. This will encourage your followers to recommend your services to their friends and loved ones, resulting in increase in revenue per client and an expanding client base for you in the long term.

3. New Ideas & Inspiration

There is no better way to get feedback than reading what your clients say about your services. Your social media accounts are excellent opportunities for you to communicate and engage with your clients on a regular basis. We will find and post the content for you, you will then respond to people’s comments in terms that are very specific to your business.

4. A Website Built For You

We will build a website for your business that looks professional and contains on-page SEO, social media integration, is fully mobile responsive, and is built according to the latest Bing, Yahoo and Google standards. Google Publisher is also integrated into our websites. We offer awesome templates and custom design in order to accommodate your budget in the best possible way!

5. Search Engine Optimization Services

94% of US consumers look in Google for solutions to their problems. This applies to your potential clients as well! To get the necessary visitor traffic to your website, it needs to rank on page 1 of Google for keywords that are relevant to your business and location. We will perform a free SEO analysis on your site, and build a great optimization strategy to keep it on page 1 of Google for the long term! One of the best monthly investments you can ever make!

6. Exclusive Leads

We will utilize marketing strategies that have shown to work well when it comes to phone lead generation. The telephone leads you will get from us will go only to your phone. You will not be sharing the leads with any competitors. This is what makes them exclusive, right?

7. Videos

Yes, we utilize video in several ways to promote your business. Affordably!

8. YouTube Channel Creation & Optimization Plus Video Optimization

You guessed it! We will create a channel related to your business and location, optimize it, and post videos on that channel with additional optimization for rankings on YouTube and Google! Rentals available, too!

9. Efficient & Timely Delivery

We value your time and money!  There will be no waiting for months before you see your website finished! Depending on how fast you provide us with the necessary business information, we will initiate the process within 2-3 business days and deliver your new website within 1-2 weeks.  With regards to social media updates and management, again, depending on your response with the information we need from you, we will start posting content on your social media platforms on your behalf within 2-3 business days. We will get your social presence in top shape within the week!

10. Consulting Services

We like to listen to YOU first! What are your goals, challenges, dreams when it comes to your business? We will then, together, develop the best strategy to ensure optimal an steady growth for your business!  



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