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We Build Great Websites!There are many reasons why websites are the obvious choice for us to provide to business owners when it comes to successful marketing. 67% of businesses use their websites to market to customers; 50% of websites fail to comply with basic usability principles leading to 50% of online sales lost because customers are unable to find content on the site. Appeal is important: clients are more likely to click on good looking sites, thinking that if you are not taking good care of your business digitally, how is it going to be once they actually use your service. The sites we build combine 25 factors integrated from business websites in 100 major cities in the United States that ranked #1 on Google. Our sites contain on-page SEO and social media integration. We also provide off page SEO at additional monthly charge depending on the number and competition of keywords you would like your website to rank for in Google’s organic listings.

A professionally built website will benefit your business in various ways such as

  • Help your clients, patients or customers get familiarized with your services, your team, and your location prior to visiting your business.
  • Better opportunity for people to compare your business to similar businesses in the area and make a decision in favor of your services than if they just speak with you on the phone.
  • You will be able to express your mission and business values clearly and in as much detail as you like to help  your audience be confident that by choosing your service, they are in good hands.
  • Your clients will be able to locate your business easily.
  • You will build trust with your clients
  • You can get as creative as you wish when it comes to self expression.
  • With proper long term website optimization, your business will show on the 1st pages of the search engines and will stay there for people to see right away.

Website Design

Here at Offline Neo we are proud to create, host and optimize our clients’ local business websites. With our professional templates, we offer several style choices, each of which can be subsequently customized in various colors in oder to best match your logo. Many of our templates are niche oriented such as dental, chiropractic etc. Our websites are fully mobile responsive: they automatically adjust for iPad and iPhone use, therefore we do not charge extra for mobile compatibility on our templates. The reason why this is important to your business’ success is that mobile is immediate. 95% of Smartphone users have searched for local information; 33% of all searches for a local business are now done on a mobile device; and 60% of users call a business or visit that location after searching.

Here is the most crucial factor why a local business needs to be  mobilized: 70% of these people take action WITHIN ONE HOUR of their search!

Research shows that 93.3% of local websites are not mobile compatible, meaning that they will not render successfully on a mobile device or a smartphone, resulting in visitors going to a competitor.

When it comes to listing pertinent business information, our websites are built according to the latest Bing, Yahoo and Google standards. Your business geolocation will be automatically integrated into your new website with a Live Map, helping search engines identify the latitude and longitude of your business location. Because we build driving directions into your site, your visitors will receive instant directions with one click on a web browser or mobile device via Google Maps.

In order to accommodate various types of budgets and personal tastes, in addition to the templates, there is also an option to build your website from scratch and use custom design should you be willing to invest more money into your site’s appearance. Such project may take slightly longer to complete, but with prompt communication between you and our team, we will do our best to deliver by the mutually agreed upon  deadline.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Remember, your potential clients are looking for a solution to their problem! The first place they’ll look for their solution  will quite likely be Google. All you need is a website that complies with the terms of the search engines, and is easy for your clients to find by typing the correct keyword. We will help you deliver on all points! We will perform a free SEO analysis on your website and report our findings promptly. We will also analyze your competition on Google. Based on our analysis, we will build a strategy for your ranking. Our pricing depends on various factors such as the number of keywords you want your website ranked for, the competition, and the number and type of back links that your website needs. Prices are also affected by whether or not your website has suffered any penalties and the process involved in recovering your site from these penalties.

SEO Training 

If you prefer to learn about SEO yourself and handle the optimization of your business website(s) on your own, but don’t know how or have tried and it has not worked, we can help! We offer training in SEO on an hourly basis. Sessions range from 1 to 3 hours.The training occurs via phone or Skype. We encourage our students to submit their questions via email 24 hours prior to each session so we can taylor the training according to their individual needs. We recognize that no two niches or businesses are exactly the same, so we try to approach each problem as specifically as possible.

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